How to clean your Panini Press

A Panini Press is one of the most useful kitchen tools as it can be used for pressing food items and grilling vegetables.

It is an ideal kitchen equipment for anyone who loves making sandwiches and ensures that you get one of the most delicious and properly cooked sandwiches ever.

However, if you don’t keep your Panini Press clean, there are chances that your food might start tasting a little off or you might fall sick after ingesting the stale food pieces that are stuck to your Panini Press.

Panini Press

This makes it important to keep your Panini Press clean and trust me, it is not a complicated task.

1. Using the Dishwasher

The easiest and simplest way to clean your Panini Press is by using a dishwasher. For this method, you will need to have a Panini Press with removable plates and you will need to check whether it can be washed in a dishwasher or not.

If it can, then your work is easy as all you have to do is load the dishwasher with the removable plates and start it and your plates will get cleaned in no time at all. Just make sure that you load the plates only after they have cooled down.

2. Hand-washing the Plates

If your manufacturer advises against using a dishwasher, then you would need to wash the removable plated by hand.

For this, you will need to soak your removable plate into a warm soapy solution for a few minutes as this will help in loosening the food items that might be stuck to your plate.

After a few minutes, you can gently scrub all the dirt away from your removable plate and make it look as good as new.

3. Use the Dishwashing Soap

If your Panini Press has a non-removable plate, then cleaning would get a little trickier. You can still use a dishwasher soap and a warm bowl of water and then dampen your cloth or sponge with this solution.

Now, use this slightly damp cloth or sponge to scrub your non-removable plate clean. Make sure you don’t use too much water as it could damage the electrical components of your Panini Press.

Also, ensure that you don’t scrub too hard else the non-stick coating of your Panini Press might get damaged.

4. Wipe down the Panini Press

Another simple way to keep your Panini Press clean is by wiping the plates and the surface of your Panini Press after every use. Take a soft cloth and wipe away all the crumbs and absorb the oil deposits from the Panini Press.

This way you don’t run the risk of damaging the electrical components and can finish the whole cleaning task in just a few minutes.

5.Warm the Panini Press and then clean

Sometimes there might be a few food pieces which are stuck hard to the Panini Press and won’t come out no matter how hard you try. In this cases, you can warm up your Panini Press so that the stuck food pieces loosen due to the heat and then brush away these food pieces with the help of a cleaning brush.

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